Pearly Program

What is the Pearly Program you ask?

Well… Since you asked… The Pearly Program allows you to get in on the Amanda Pearl action and have your own small business on the side. Wherever and whenever you want. The Pearly Program signs up sales representatives and allows them to be creative and think of new and fun ways to spread the word about Amanda Pearl and the products, all while making commission on each sale they help generate.

How does it work?

Simple! There are two ways:

1) Pearly representatives think of ways to get virtual customers to the Amanda Pearl website. They give their friends, family and others a code to use at checkout, which will designate that sale as theirs. We will process the commission from these sales each month, and each month they will receive a check for 15% of the value of the sales they have helped make. If you can get 10 people to the website buying one roll clutch each, that’s $1492.50 for you at months end, my friend. The best part about this is that when friends and family buy from the website using a Pearly representative’s code, they get an extra 5% off of their purchase. Hey, every little bit helps!

2) Another way to go is to show the collection “in the flesh”: Pearly representatives are offered up to 5 pieces of the product at the wholesale price level in order to put together a sample collection from which to sell. They then think of fun ways to show their friends, family and others the product so that they can inspire purchases. (Purchases should always be made by your “customer” using your coupon code on Pearly representatives start out making a 15% commission on everything they sell. That means if you “sell” a roll clutch for $995, you make $149.25, just like that! Woah! Take that, recession! The more you sell, the more you make.

Here is an example of “if you sell, this is what you get”:

Either way you dice it, you’ll make more when you sell more and can grow your business to be as big as you would like.

  • If you make $5,000 or more in retail sales per month, you will get your 15% commission, PLUS a $250 allowance towards any Amanda Pearl product in stock. Your allowance will roll over from month to month so that you can save up for something big and fancy if you wish.
  • If you make $10,000 or more in retail sales per month, a) you’re considered a rock star, b) your commission rate will increase to 18%, and you will get another allowance of $500 towards any Amanda Pearl product in stock.
  • Your commission rate will increase to 20% when you are making $20,000 or more in retail sales per month. That means that you will get a check for a minimum of $4,000/month or $48,000/year, if you keep it up. At this point, you will also be entitled to buy any Amanda Pearl product at the wholesale price.

Another example of “if you sell, this is what you get”:

Customers most likely will fall in love their Amanda Pearl purchases, but in the event they are unhappy and need to return something, they may do so within 14 days of receipt. Commission payment will be based on the sales that stick. If someone returns something, the commission for the returned item will be deducted from the seller’s total commission. If a customer needs to make an exchange, they may do so within 30 days. The full return and exchange policy can be found on

Commission is paid based on a Pearly Program member bringing customers to the brand--you will not receive commission on purchases you make yourself.

Pearly representatives will have available all of the resources needed to be educated about the brand and the product. We’ll provide new representatives with a “starter kit” including some ideas for ways to start marketing as well as information about the brand, design, and production, so it’ll be easy to answer any questions someone contemplating a purchase might have. And we’re always here to help and answer questions!

That’s about it! It’s as simple as pie. Email to get started now!