Amanda Pearl has chosen family operated artisanal factories in Italy that produce the finest handbags for some of the world’s most well known luxury purveyors. Each handbag is meticulously assembled by hand, by artisans whose trade has been passed down from one generation to the next. Many of the details and much of the work that goes into the production are not visible to the eye in the finished product. The cylindrical frame of the Roll Clutch, for example, which was developed from scratch from Amanda Pearl’s sketches, is made of gold plated brass from one factory specializing solely in metalwork for accessories. Once the plated and polished frame is sent to the finishing factory, an artisan dedicated to Amanda Pearl covers and finishes the bag with the chosen silks, brocades and gemstones. The process is so painstaking, output averages only two Roll Clutches per day. This level of attention to detail is applied to every style in the Amanda Pearl Collection.

Our US produced styles are held to no less of a standard. Craftsmen specializing in soft handbags were chosen for each of these styles based on their strength of skill. Some are focused on working with delicate silks, others have a hand for heavier fabrics and larger handbags. Just as much as our Italian partners, each American manufacturer we select shares in the belief that luxury is in the details and perfection is key.

In a world full of a mass production, Amanda Pearl targets the discriminating customer who still embraces the art and luxury of detailed hand-made goods--work that will survive the test of time and fleeting fashions.

Our newest collection, Amanda Pearl CURATED VINTAGE, is filled with previously owned treasures. Because the pieces are not new, they might exhibit signs of imperfection, uniqueness, wear and tear, and/or age. Each piece is rated as excellent, good, or fair. Here is what we mean by each description:

Excellent: A sparkling example of well-preserved vintage jewelry! These pieces are in great condition without many scratches or wear.

Good: A little use, like minor wear on the plating or slight clouding of some stones, contributes to the vintage feel of these pieces.

Fair: These pieces have seen some adventures! While we guarantee everything's in perfect working order, there is some visible wear and tear.