2011 July 15 TRAVEL

This made me chuckle:  America…

While I’m glad that some great Seattle institutions/people are getting props from Vogue (Cameron Martin, Seattle Art Museum, Western Bridge, the Arb), I’m amused at how the city gets distilled by outsiders to Nirvana and the Pike Place Market.  Oh yeah, and rain.

Whatever, it’s still love.

As this blog post goes up, I will be on my way to my beautiful hometown of Seattle — the Emerald City, as it’s called.  Now I’m laughing at the reason I’m going home, because it’s no less cliché than the above… I’m going to see Eddie Vedder’s final tour stop.  hehe!  Well, at least it’s not Pearl Jam.  That would be way silly, Seattle, 90′s cliché.  But it would also be awesome. I’m so 90′s.  :-)

The Wall Street Journal offered up a great list of Seattle to-do’s this last weekend, penned by Seattleites who get around and know what’s good:

Click the above article to view the other the recommendations from Dale Chihuly, Brandy Carlisle and Kathy Casey.

What will I be doing in my 36 hours in Seattle?


Dinner somewhere yummy — hopefully Chantanee Thai (no longer a little hole in the wall, and the best Thai I’ve ever had)

Eddie Vedder and his Ukulele at Benaroya Hall


A Maple Bar (yuummmmm) at Top Pot Donuts on my way to

Anita’s for crêpes, eggs & bacon (yes, I’m aware that I’m a total pig)

And then to Healeo to make up for what I did at Top Pot and Anita’s–I wish I could say I would have some sort of cleansing shot of kale and algae or some such, but I will likely have a fresh coconut hacked open for me to eat and drink from.  Maybe even some hemp soft serve. (I told you, I’m a pig. What do you expect?)  Check out their Facebook Page for more cool info and daily specials.

After that I’ll head to the market with my bro, see some family, and who knows what else!  I will  be sure to report back on what else I eat and see in my 36 hours in Sea-town.  :-)


Back to NYC.

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